Robert Sweet - Love Trash

I was a big STRYPER fan during my teens. I thought "First Love" was the most beautiful ballad ever written. I was impressed by the quality of "In God we Trust". "Against the Law" was a major disappointment, not because the sound was less melodic and far more heavy but the lack of good songs let me down. I bought Michael Sweet's soloalbum. I didn't particularly like his voice but melodic rock wasn't something I was spoiled with in the early nineties. Add that Gregg Fulkerson (BLUE TEARS) had written a couple of songs and you probably realize that the album was rather good compared with most of the crap those days.

Now I hold Michael's brother, Robert Sweet's first (?) soloalbum in my hands. Let's face it, drummers doesn't usually have successful soloacareers. Peter Criss is maybe the most obvious example. Therefore my expectations weren't that high when I started listening to "Love Trash". The Visual Timekeeper proved me wrong though. This is not trash but class! Interesting groovie hard rock. Larry Worley is a very impressive vocalist. The lowpoint is the songwriting which could be a lot better.  

STRYPER managed to be Christians in a heavy metal world and deliver their message without being too preaching. The Subjects on "Love Trash" is about life in general and personal experiences. There's certainly some room for soldiers under command to fight all the antichrist superstars these days, I do however prefer the middle of the road.

by Andreas Persson

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