Riot:Noise - Fight the People EP

Bristol based rockers offer up a new 4-track EP with 'Fight the People' and these guys ain't kidding around!

The four tracks on this great EP show a band hungry to deliver, they're not here to pose and pretend to be the next big thing, they ate that for breakfast. Riot:Noise could quite possibly be THE NEXT BIG THING emerging from the UK if this EP is anything to go by!

Lead track 'Never Wrong' is a perfect rock single for the modern market, (the video's cool too!)
It's hard to describe the bands sound, they're a great modern rock band, not quite fitting into any niche's which can only be a good thing and at times they kind of sound something like a mix of classic 90's Brit Rockers 3 Colours Red mixing it up with the mighty Warrior Soul, especially on 'Dead Behind Her Eyes'.

All four songs on offer here show plenty of promise, and I do believe Riot:Noise may just deliver one of the best debut rock albums that we've seen in years! Damn I can't wait!
Catch them on tour and grab a copy of this EP!

Rating 10/10

by Barry Gennard

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