Rikki Rockett - Glitter 4 Your Soul

Yes, it's been around for a while I know, but with its current re-distribution in Europe and the success of 'Poison'D', I thought it was time to re discover the old chestnut.

Believe it or not, this is the first time I'd heard this, weird considering I know the Rockett, Producer Cliff Calabro and guitarist, Christy Van Halen.

Rikki's certainly the Glitter in Poison, a little less Halen/Crue, a little more The Sweet. Speaking of the fab four, 'Action' opens the CD and is by far the most superior version I've heard. Blues Saraceno is very capable of mimicking Andy Scott's fretwork and one of my fave vocalists, the aforementioned Cliff Calabro drops his usual Boy George tones in favour of the much missed Connolly's fiery roar. Rikki's sticks and tricks would have brought a smile to Mick Tuckers face.

Angels 'Can You Feel It' is wisely chosen by Jizzy "I can sing higher" Pearl, reliving his pompous AOR roots with his former LA Rocks cohort, Stu Simones. This is a pure 'air keyboards on heat' moment and even Angels bassist Mickey Hones wanted to hear it.

Bret Michaels pulls off his best vocal performance since 'Valley Of Lost Souls' on Starzs 'Tear It Down', paying homage to Michael Lee Smith in fine style. Surprise vocals by Rikki on Bolan's, 'Life's a Gas' has to be mentioned, as do appearances by John Corabi, Gina Shock and CC Deville. It's a right old glitter knees up.

Rockett is old school glitter with 21st century sensibilities, cutting edge dudes with the only CD cover that truly does what it says on the tin.

by Kelv Hellrazer

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