Revolting Cocks - Got Cock?

Got Cock is the latest release from cocky industrial rockers Revolting Cocks and follows hot on the heels of 2009's 'Sex-O Olympic-O' album and the various successful tours!
With founding member and main man Al Jourgensen still at the helm, the band continue with their "Fuck You" attitude and I swear they actually get cockier as they get older.

The album opens with the slow but catchy track 'Trojan Horse' before moving on to 'Filthy Senoritas' with its Joy Division-esque opening and moody goth rhythms of yesteryear.
The album continues on with 'Dykes' which is a surprisingly bouncy track, one that should really get bodies moving on the dance floor in the rock clubs. The high standards continue throughout the album with 'Fuck Money' with its unbelievably childish lyrics and the albums closing pair of tracks; those being the two covers of 2 Live Crew's 'Me So Horny', (the second version being a remix-of the 1st cover!) letting it down.

If you're already a fan of the Revolting Cocks, then you're sure to love Got Cock, if not check them out anyway, you may discover something new that you like. Me personally, well the jury's still out on this one!

Rating 7/10

by Barry Gennard

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