Retarded - S/T

The pressmaterial from Italy's RETARDED, label the band as punkrock pioneers. That is exactly what they NOT are... and that's why I really like 'em. This re-release of the RETARDED's debutalbum, originally released on Hang Over, really rocks. It could very well be, both musically and lyrically, some lost recording from the early Ramones. With their jeans-and-leatherjacket uniform, RETARDED look like Ramones as well.

Opener "Let's go in my Bedroom", "Let's keep goin' the Show", "Saturday night I wanna go to the show" and "Baby Doll" are excellent slices of bubblegumpunk. The Album closes with a cover of PSYCHOTIC YOUTH's "Let's Go (Let's Go, Let's Go)" which is pretty pointless as it brings nothing new from what the original version has to offer.

If you're into Ramonespunk and band such as RIVERDALES, CARBONA or HUNTINGTONS, RETARDED will make you dance and twist.

by Andreas Persson

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