Renegade Playboys - 5 Track Demo

Formed in late 2000 and based in London, the Renegade Playboys have survived the strains of numerous line-up changes to emerge as an established name on the rock circuit right now, touring with bands like Adam Bomb and Pretty Boy Floyd and supporting Rachel Stamp and the Darkness to name but a few.

This five track demo just knocked me over from the word go, churning out a myriad of sounds that resemble Slaughter, Winger and the Bulletboys. Had you put this band in America during the late eighties/early nineties, they would have been right up there contending for a piece of the action. The Renegade Playboys could be massive, well at least as massive as you can get in terms of the current rock n'roll scene but they definitely have the potential to become a UK household rock name.

Each one of these five demos is a melodic, hard rock, head shaking, riff filled scorcher, there's just a few creases to iron out in the odd place. With the right direction, they could bring UK rock a bit of well needed refreshment as they take their music seriously and they are the sort of band that could easily break through on dedicated American rock radio stations with the right airplay.

The five songs in question here are available from the band's website and I strongly recommend you check them out. I guarantee that fans of melodic hard rock will find them instantly appealing. I hope to god these guys have got some good management because people should be seriously raving about the Renegade Playboys, they deserve to be big and if they persevere, they could well be.

by Grant W.

Visit the Renegade Playboys Website