Red Star Rebels - Fuck n' Run

I managed to catch Red Star Rebels supporting Vain recently on their UK tour and true to form I blagged a copy of their latest 3 track CD for review. Live, Red Star Rebels are a solid 5 piece outfit and look like a promising addition to the current UK sleaze rock scene, just one word of warning Blackie if you keeping kicking that microphone yer gonna fuck it one day mate!

Visually the guys really reminded of a cross between Zodiac Mindwarp meets Wolfsbane with a rough no frills image and they had the Glasgow crowd right behind them from the offset, all the band giving it real rock n' roll attitude onstage and off stage by the sounds of it too from what I heard - one of them had already fucked off with a groupie before Vain even came on! Respect.

Having supported the likes of Brides of Destruction and Vain, Red Star Rebels already come with a credible pedigree. You really should add this to your list of up and coming bands to go and see and there's plenty of opportunity as the band currently have a string of dates lined up in December with the Tattooed Millionaires and then headline gigs in January and February so do yourself a favour and go and check them out.

Anyway, back to the CD. Opening track 'Nikki Heartache' is a real crank it up number with solid stop/start guitars that really show these guys have potential and 'Queen of Obscene' follows up nicely, a number that has some nice melodic bridges before tearing back into a heavy chorus. I'd probably like to have heard some more of their own material rather than the third track, which is a cover of Led Zepellin's 'Rock N Roll', but at least their version is an original interpretation and not a straightforward copy.

The bands Myspace site has 4 downloadable songs including the aforementioned 'Nikki Heartache' and there's some video on their main site that is reminiscent of the Towers of London rockumentary currently airing on UK TV but without all the fighting and handbags at dawn. So there's no shortage of Red Star Rebels goodies out there at the moment, follow the clickies and go check them out and if you do get the chance to see them on tour you won't be disappointed.

by Grant W.

Visit the Red Star Rebels Website