Redlight Attraction - Restless Soul

Redlight Attraction are a new band from Sleaze Central, Sweden whose two track demo 'Restless Soul' has been produced by Crashdiet guitarist Martin Sweet.

We all know that Swedish glam and sleaze bands were sneering, bleached nailbombs to a moribund music scene that threatened to flatline in the numb nineties. They kept some of us - probably you! - alive when we could easily have slipped into Brit Pop puerility or Nu Metal moroseness. It seemed that the streets of Sweden were the natural successors to the Sunset Strip - the location, for so long, of cutting edge rock music. But cutting edges go blunt. Sunset Strip's obsession with image over music meant that there were a million bands who had the right hair but no songs - they looked good but sounded shit. I have feared for some time that the multitude of Swedish bands are going the same way. Cream rises to the top - Backyard Babies, Hardcore Superstar, Crashdiet. The imitators follow. Is Sweden home to another band that can make a significant dent in the music world outside of its own country? Are all the bands now destined to replicate the careers of those quickly forgotten US bands who had the right boots, the right fringe and the one video that played on Headbanger's Ball in the early 90's hair metal wasteland?

When Michael Monroe toured in support of his 'Not Fakin' It' album in 1989, he hired a metal guitarist so enamoured with the 'art' of widdling that his every movement felt like a urine shower on us Hanoi Rocks purists. Young Swedish bands appear to use Monroe as a hair icon and nothing else - they incorporate a real heavy metal ethos into their music that bemuses me. Yes, glam music is a much heavier beast these days but the right way to do it is in the backyards of these Swedish bands and clearly signposted 'Hardcore Superstar'. Sounding like W.A.S.P. is, for me, not the way to go.

The first track on 'Restless Soul' - 'I Couldn't Care Less' - is a decent, well produced tune that opens with Iron Maiden/Rainbow sounding guitar and features some Mike Tramp sounding vocals and generic "fuck the law", "party hard" lyrics. A Crashdiet vibe runs throughout. Second track 'Nazty Generation' is a chugging, 80's sounding heavy metal song that is both anthemic and dated in the same breath.

Redlight Attraction are as good as a shitload of other similar sounding bands teasing their hair up in Sweden at the present time. It's just that the quality of these bands seems to be slipping - not a nosedive, purely a natural progression. Just like what happened on the Sunset Strip. If you wish for something hard enough, it could come true - you just need to get your timing right. The current crop of Swedish sleaze rockers are recreating the right place at the wrong time....

by Gaz E.

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