Rebel Rebel - Explode Into Space

Rebel Rebel move in yet another direction with 'Explode Into Space' sliding aspects of 70's mainstream rock into their usual charged punk rock, thereby creating a new aspect for one of the most bizarre bands of the genre. Included are songs with obvious roots in Van Halen, The Doors and The Rolling Stones, each placed alongside tracks drenched in the classic Rebel Rebel sound. As lyricists, they still maintain the knack for gathering deep feelings of unease from a listener, but gone is the inclusion of spoken movie lines, which believe it or not, actually helped the overall sound.

If you liked Rebel Rebel before, you won't be disappointed with 'Explode Into Space'. However, if you're not familiar with the band and don't feel like taking a risk on buying the CD, you can download audio samples from their website. Either way 'Explode Into Space' is worth a listen.

by Lycan Davis

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