Razzle Dazzle Inc. - For Your Body For Your Soul

I love this bands bio - 'Sit down and get ready to be fucked' - great stuff then, I'm up for some free sex! What relevance this has to do with the music I have no idea but I didn't feel as if I had had a sexual experience at the end of this CD and my pants were still dry.

That said, there are some decent goth/glam songs here, but nothing terribly revolutionary. Razzle Dazzle Inc do have quite a distinctive sound basically because the vocalist tends to rap more than sing in a similar style to Faster Pussycat's Babylon, except that it's on every track. Believe it or not the vocals sound a bit like Eminem in places where they are layered, but I don't want to sound like I know anything about Eminem so ermmm let's move on quickly here.

Fans of Beautiful Creatures will definitely hear a likeness with the music style, and I should give a particular mention to NBT, the standout song, which reminds me very much of the Marilyn Manson song mObscene which uses female cheerleader chants in a similar way. I think perhaps an image makeover is in order here too judging by the very dodgy suits, scary make-up and Michael Jackson look-alikes on their site - just a suggestion guys.

These seven tracks are pretty ordinary, I'm not saying it'll never get another play at some point in the future but there will be a lot of albums in front of it. Razzle Dazzle Inc have some decent MP3 samples on their site so that would be my advice before parting with your cash.

by Grant W.

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