Ray C - Walking Into Walls

Minimalism in music can be nice when used properly. Using instruments as mere accompaniments to showcase an incredible voice is a tactic that has been done throughout the history of recorded music. This appears to have been the goal with 'Walking Into Walls' the debut by Ray C.

A one-man band of sorts, Ray C. plays everything on this disc. All drums and strings seem to point toward his airy yet gruff voice. Unfortunately, this serves poorly. When focusing all attention on one aspect, it's important for this to be a cut above the rest. With Ray C., his voice, while respectable comes across as rather unemotional. These shortcomings are unfortunately, accentuated by the accompanying instruments. This is too bad as the tunes are quite good and would probably come across better if performed with more expression. A great singer could really make songs like 'This Time', 'Please', and 'Not So Easy' shine. More emotional depth could easily bring out the beauty in some of these numbers. Unfortunately with Walking Into Walls, it appears that Ray C. isn't up to the task.

by Lycan Davis

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