Ragged Hearts - Her Bright White Light

"Ragged Hearts - Her Bright White Light" kicks off with "Sure Felt Wild' and although it didn't end up feeling very wild, it certainly makes up for it in the amount of ballsy, heart on its sleeve, energy it delivers. Gorgeously melodic vocals and outstanding musical arrangement make it a track to remember.

Next up we have 'The White Lady' with fabulous Bowie-esque vocals (circa 'The Man Who Sold The World') and a rockier feel to the instrumentation without feeling that "rock" means you have to go overboard on an epic guitar solo (not that I have a problem with epic guitar solo's, I just feel they have their place, and you can show off an awesome guitarist without them). This track is a superb example of how to get the balance right between balls out rockin' and melodic harmonies.

In my opinion, 'The Sense' is one of the most impressive tracks on the album, joyfully picking up the pace and giving you something to tap your feet along to. I defy anyone to sit still while listing to this sample of uptempo gorgeousness. The upbeat centre of the album continues with the bouncy instrumentation of 'The Absence'.

'Kings and Queens' starts with a very "Knockin' on Heavens Door" instrumental before breaking into a fabulous blend of rocking instrumentation and wonderfully layered vocals. Elegantly undulating current and terrific lyrics make it a truly outstanding track.

This CD is a bit of a mixed bag genre-wise, but I rather like the way that you would find it difficult to put it in an individual category with its blend of bouncy Soft Rock with Country undertones and some Stadium Rock influences. There is a rather, country feel to 'Leaving Bonnie', 'Thinkin' About You' and 'Sparkle and Shine' which I have to confess is not my usual liking, that said, talented songwriting, infectious vocals and instrumental awareness made them a pleasure to listen to.

Overall an album very much like the way I love my wine; Smooth, mellow and easy to enjoy curled up on the sofa after a hard day. If you prefer yours more full-bodied then this one may not be for you, but I would remind you that music, like wine, can be full of flavour and depth without being in your face and acidic. It can be good to try something different once in a while, even if you just end up appreciating your usual tipple more afterwards. Go on, give it a go, you never know you might like it!

by Talia Kane

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