Radiovipers - The Morning Sunburst

RadioVipers are a hard hitting 4 piece band hailing from Milan, Italy. Their debut album 'The Morning Sunburst' is a classy collection of tracks just waiting to be unleashed onto the resurgent masses of rock fans worldwide so turn the volume up, fasten your seatbelt and enjoy the ride.

The opening track "Boom Baby" launches the assault in a sleazy LA Guns way, and although a little 'cheesy' compared to the remainder of the album, this track ensures anyone within earshot, stops, turns and listens. "Do You Wanna" follows in a Bon Jovi-esque manor with a chorus seemingly pulled straight from the late 80's. Within the first 6 minutes of the album, RadioVipers set their course to the land of no-frills hard rock, from where there's no turning back.

The unmistakable harmonica introduction to "Next Step To You" leads into a sensational track consistent with the bluesy swagger of Aerosmith or the Black Crowes, a feeling which, continues into "House of Beggars". Before long the crunching guitars and sleazy edge return for the snarling "Pusher".

The first chance to relax comes with "Last Day Here" which although not a ballad, slows the tempo a little and shows off some of the vocal and musical talent the band possess. The vocals talents of Mez revel in this track, which tends to sit a touch above the other tracks on the album.

I love the raw feeling to this album, it's almost as if you're listening to the band live. The final track "Body From Mars" epitomizes this 'live' feeling and I can imagine it would sure go down well in the venue packed with rockers from both the glam and punk backgrounds.

These guys (and one gal) sure know how to serve up a mouth-full of rock. If you like your rock minus the fancy toppings, RadioVipers will suit you down to a tee. The Morning Sunburst is sleazy, full throttle-rock, the way it was always meant to be. It retains the glam elements of the sunset strip, (leaving the bubblegum stuck to the footpath outside) and blends this with Scandanavian-style punk rock. The result… two big thumbs up from me!

by Lindsay B

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