Rachel Stamp - Oceans of Venus

FUCK ME! Yes, Yes, Yes she squirms in an ectoplasm spasm; a pure undeniable never-ending climax, and there I was thinkin' nothing could out weigh Hymns For Strange Children. I was wrong, oh so wrong!

"Oceans Of Venus"... described by my other half as 'Weird'. To be honest, I'm unsure as to his exact meaning of the word 'Weird', all I know in my mind is, this is one album to be described as nothing more than 'an outstanding marvel'. An album to appeal to the majority and not just the minority. With the right press and the release of the right single (which they haven't done), "Oceans Of Venus" could make Rachel Stamp BIG, and I'm talkin Marilyn Manson big here. The album flows with finesse, it screams quality, try to find one ounce of weakness and you'll struggle. But of course, as with all bands (even the finest) there will be 1 or 2 songs slightly weaker than the rest. Even in taking this into account, one still cannot fathom the word 'weakness' being used as a description, and this definitely runs true throughout "Oceans Of Venus".

Rachel Stamp, to me are the British 'Vain', in the sense that Vain released one outstanding album after another ..... Rachel Stamp in a nutshell. BRING IT ON is what I say!

by Spice D. Warlock

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