The Quireboys - Well Oiled

The Quireboys current line-up consists of the three original members, Spike, guitarist Guy Griffin and bassist Nigel Mogg, plus new additions Keith Weir (keyboards), Paul Guerin (guitars) and drummer Pip (boy, someone must have lost a bet or something with that name) anyway, you might want to sit down for this, I actually like this CD. Not my favorite by them, that's still What You Fancy, but I would rate this one second best right ahead of Bitter Sweet. It has more of a mature *gasp* sound to it. Where What You Fancy was the sound track to the late night parties at the practice space with about 100 people, 2 kegs of beer and lots of chicks, 'Well Oiled' is more of a Thursday night at the local corner bar, pool table, cheap beer and one chick *cuz that's all we need anymore right!

Overall it is a really good CD, short but still really good. Totally reminds me of classic rock and roll like a cross between hot rocks era rolling stones (when they were fkn gods), bon scott era AC/DC, and old rod stewart (the voice). Spike sounds as good as ever, hasn't lost it a bit. If you like the Quireboys I would highly recommend this one. If you like straight ahead basic rock and roll I would recommend this. If you have 15 bucks you are looking to part with well you could certainly do worse then this CD. If you don't like the Quireboys well then I don't think I have to tell you what to do.

by Bill Kir (Glitzinet User)

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