The Queers - Beyond the Valley of the Assfuckers

I suppose Joe Queer and the boys went through some shitty times between the last album "Punkrock Confidential" and the new "Beyond the Valley of the assfuckers". "Punkrock Confidential" was the peak of their’ career. Fifteen songs of pure punkpop perfection. The Album showed a new QUEERS, a bit more (dare I say it?) commercial and polished. No no no! We’re not talking wimpy here just good old punkrock with a touch of 60’s pop.

If "Punkrock Confidential" was the peak, "Beyond the valley of the assfuckers" is a step downhill. It’s several steps back soundwise, to the early QUEERS. The Lyrics on "Punkrock Confidential" were very bubblegummy, "Beyond the assfuckes" are not. Quite the opposite in fact. "Stupid fuckin’ Vegan", "I Just called to say fuck off" and "My cunts a cunt" may be punk and funny (if you’re in the right mood) songtitles but it’s not the part of THE QUEERS that I wanted more of. The ramonish "Babyface bo hoo hoo", "I’m not a Mongo anymore" and "I Wanna Know" make this album worth buying though. THE QUEERS are always good but this is one of their weakest releases to date.

- Andreas Persson

Lovesongs for the retarded (90)
Don't Back Down (96)
Punkrock Confidential (98)

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