Puck - Beyond Reason

To review this CD I had to conjure up images an age when my hair was actually still growing and I could afford a cut that boasted short on the sides long at the back as a statement of youth full rebellion, oh!! And my album collection was still all on Vinyl.

Such is the evocative nature of the rock peddled by UK rockers "Puck". Each of the seven tracks on offer on this debut EP are professionally produced, and played, in general harking me back to an age when "Kerrang!!!" was still running its Lady-Killers section.

To get an E.P of this quality, from a band formed less than a year ago really is testament to the combined musical talents of this Female fronted London 5 piece pop/rock troop.

It is in lead singer "AmyJay" that the band has it's real unique selling point. Not unlike a young "Ann Wilson" from "Heart" (especially on the track "No Tonight"), her versatile set of pipes are what really sets this E.P aside from being merely a very well presented and played set of rock songs.

So of the cuts on offer, the acoustic "Michael" is beautiful in its simplicity but has a much darker heartbeat, whilst my personal fave "No Shame" is where a "Lorraine Lewis" influence really shines through, stomping its size seven white cowboy booted foot, just like the angry teens waiting to scream this anthem in waiting.

There was a time when every other band in the UK was trying to sound like this and emulate the sounds of our US brothers and sisters. However, that time was twenty odd years ago so "Puck" are now somewhat a bit of an oddity as they prefer to play quality rock/pop not scream core pop, and for that fact alone they deserve your attention.

With a full set of songs and some magic dust over the mixing desk from a big name producer these guys (and girl) could be huge.

4 out of 5

by Johnny H.

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