Psycho Gypsy - Debut CD

Arizona's Psycho Gypsy has experienced a revival of the music they love - glam/metal influenced by Motley Crue, Ratt and W.A.S.P. When they started out a couple of years ago, their image was very uncommon and looked upon as funny rather than cool. The Gypsies are ambitious though and have pushed their music in every way. They hold a monthly event - Glam Slam - and have arranged shows with Foxy Roxx, Guttersluts and Revlon Red. They have, together with other believers, been pretty successful in bringing back the sound of the mid-eighties.

I'm not particularly fond of retro glam/metal but as long as bands stick to their guns and play good music, I don't mind at all. Psycho Gypsy's debutCD, which recently was picked up by Delinquent Records, is the first material I've heard from Psycho Gypsy. They sent me a video ages ago but since the videosystems in America and Europe differ, I couldn't watch it. My expectations were high since this band has gotten a lot of publicity lately, unfortunately I was disappointed. The First Two songs - "Wanna be in the show" and "Girl's got what it takes" - are average and "Mr Mephisto" is weaker than Superman on a cryptonite diet. I was about to give up on this CD but the fourth track - "Faded and Sedated" - brought back a couple of smiles, sounding like a poppier Motley Crue. Eddie sings well with the exception of some irritating screams. "Anything Goes", "Tales of the Gypsy", "Lisa shot her family" are other good examples of glam/metal with above average quality.

Generally, Psycho Gypsy's sound is more hard rock and metal than glam. They have their own style. Ironically this thing was mainstream 10-15 ages ago but today is way different. I don't believe in a 80's revival but Psycho Gypsy certainly are convincing at times. They are a good pick for those who still want bands to sound like Cinderella and W.A.S.P.

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by Andreas Persson