Private Line - 21st Century Pirates

These guys certainly know how to beat out damn heavy riffs, not to mention an awesome drum beat. Reminding me a touch of 80's metal with a hint of modern rock thrown in, 5 piece, 'The Private Line' are a first rate fusion of a great rock band.
Propelling the listener at a rate of knots through 11 super charged tracks, the raw energy this band has is fantastic. From tracks like 'Little sister' with a heavy heavy sound, verging on 'Murderdollesque' at times, to the much more thoughtful 'Forever and a day', showing a whole spectrum of talent.

Vocals remind me of Scott Wieland of, 'Stone Temple Pilots', at times, but then James Hetfield of 'Metallica' at others. This variation is an asset and keeps the record sounding fresh and original throughout. Stand out tracks include, 'Little sister', for a heavier beat, as well as 'While God saves I destroy'. 'Self-love sick' is recommended for the more sensitive listener, likened to 'Bon Jovi' on speed, was my impression.

Needless to say I was generally impressed by this latest album, '21st Century Pirates' and would urge anyone to go check them out. Chances are you will not be let down.

by Lauren May

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