Priscilla - High Fashion

Track listing:
01 - Wake Up The Neighborhood
02 - Lick 'N A Kiss
03 - Love In Action
04 - Can't Wait For The Night
05 - (Gimme Lovin') Tonight
06 - Some Like It Hot
07 - Always Think Of You
08 - Just Can't Stop
09 - Rocked Outta Love
10 - Broken Angel
11 - Stay With Me (demo)
12 - High Tonight (demo)
13 - Fade Away (demo)
14 - High Fashion (demo)
15 - High Fasion (Re-Recorded)
16 - High Tonight (Re-Recorded)

Another collection of old glam tunes dusted off for release. This time we have PRISCILLA and HIGH FASHION, a compilation of old tracks, a few demos and some re-recorded tracks. Sadly the production on the demo tracks is a little poor but if you haven't enjoyed the first 10 tracks you won't care by that point anyway and the tracks are good enough to stand out on their own!

Priscilla are masters of 80s glam metal a la Poison and Pretty Boy Floyd (vocally they are more like PBF whilst the music is a good cross between the two). If you dig either of those bands (or both) then Priscilla are definitelty worth checking out.

The weakest track of the bunch is the token ballad, Always Thinking Of You, with a sub par vocal delivery from El Mar Kramer compared with what he does on the other tracks. Tracks like Wake Up The Neighbourhood, Just Can't Stop and Rocked Outta Love

Demo tracks Stay With Me and High Tonight reminded me very much of the Tattooed Love Boys (I think it was the vocals that did it).

This album contains all the things that you want and need, good melodies and choruses, riffs and a 110% glam attitude.

It's not big and it's not clever but it is an enjoyable trip down memory lane back to when hair and heels were high and make up was nothing to be ashamed of!

Standout tracks:
Wake Up The Neighbourhood
Love In Action
Just Can't Stop
Stay With Me

by K.T.Glitz

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