Pretty Wild - All the Way

Pretty Wild are a four piece Monster Machine from Malmo Sweden who specialise in all things arena rock.
Released in February 2009 this eight track EP is a great introduction to a band firmly entrenched in the Crazy Lixx end of the Swedish scene.

If songs about partying and the boulevards of LA are your bag then these guys will be a refreshing blast for you, you just need to bring the Jack Daniels and the hairspray.

Songs like 'All The Way' and 'Time' recall my days of scouring the racks of my local record shop for the latest releases from Treat and Craaft, and are built on huge radio friendly choruses full of whoa oh's and fret melting guitar work.

The lead vocals throughout are extremely strong if something of an acquired taste and the note Ivan (Ivve) Höglund hits at the start of the bands stand out track 'Let The Good Times Roll' has most of the canines in my neighbourhood running for cover. But that never hurt Danger Danger or Slaughter did it?

'Shocking Teen', 'Dangerous' and 'Take It Off' all follow this tried and trusted formula, that if Pretty Wild had existed twenty years ago would have seen them regulars on MTV's Headbanger's Ball. All being pretty sterling stuff from a band that have only existed for something like three years.

The final duo of tracks are a reworking of 'Let The Good Times Roll' that takes an acoustic angle to their party hardy anthem and in fact works better (for me anyway) I can just see the soft focus blue tinted video for this track now. Whilst 'Dangerous' gets a live run out from a recent LA show, and adds some fantastic crowd patter from Ivve that would have any one wearing a plaid shirt running for the hills.

When I first got this CD I was honestly sitting here thinking, "Was this recorded in 1989? Was it an unreleased album by an LA scene band? And more importantly why release this now? But, after a few listens, I was air drumming along and whoa and oh'ing along with the best of em, and thinking 'what the fuck!' Enjoy yourself Johnny H this is some pretty good shit.

So if you wanna party like its 1989 check out the new boys coz they are same as the old boys, yup that pretty much sums up Sweden's Pretty Wild.

4 out of 5

by Johnny H.

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