Premacy - Voices Above

Premacy sets out to rock music fans once again with their latest material. The quartet describe themselves as "an extraordinary band with a unique style of music", unfortunately it seems that I've heard it all before. Make no mistake; there are some enjoyable grooves to be heard here. The problem is, they seem to be the same recycled licks and beats (and lyrics) I've been hearing for the past five years or so, and mediocre stabs at social commentary on tracks like 'Voices Above' just seem a little bit silly.

What I found least enjoyable was the vocal styling of frontman Thomas Dahl. He puts out suitably decent performances on 'Broken Down' and 'The Search' (the former being the most listenable song on the demo), but never seems to fully gel with the band.

Just when it seems like all the elements are about to come together on their most melodic tune 'Connection with Beauty', the vocals seem to lose focus toward the end, right when it was needed the most.

One decent song out of four? Not exactly an impressive ratio.

by Jol.

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