Premacy - Fragile Lives

My first instinct on hearing this four track demo from Norwegian band Premacy, was that I was listening to a slightly gothic sounding Disturbed. Front man Thomas Dahl has a most unique and distinctive voice, echoic and sometimes harsh. First track on the demo is the title track 'Fragile Lives', and would honestly have been better leaving till further on. Not because it's a bad song just that it's not the best start to give a good initial impression. Without further listening you might think that the vocals and musicians don't make the connection in some way, however continue without prejudice and you discover a substantially well written and passionate demo.

There's an element within the music that's resonant to that of Alice in Chains or Soundgarden, though the demo is lacking variety. It's obvious the band can write and play but I do feel that some diversity is needed. Their mood influence is clear, sharp and reflective, and it would be great to hear something on the demo that omits some sting.

'Reality my dream', the last track is by far the most interesting with the best use of vocals, although this said, I have just read that Dahl has left the band and they're on the lookout for a new front man. This could totally change the sound of the band but is most unfortunate because as I said earlier the vocals give them their ultimate uniqueness.

by Sharron Grainger

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