Power - Cowboys of the Apocalypse

Power, a four piece from Ipswich reckon they're an 80's metal style band. They've seen fit to give themselves daft stage names too, all very amusing but it makes me wonder if I'm supposed to treat this as a joke or seriously. I'll give them the benefit of the doubt and assume they're serious.

The 4 tracks on display here are fairly straightforward British metal and the 80's influence is definitely there. I'll be honest, I totally hated this on the first few listens but some of it has grown on me with repeated playing, however, it's not an easy listen. The first song is fine but it's downhill all the way after that. All four songs could do with a bit of judicious editing, they're over full with instrumental breaks that tend to drag and when the break in "Journey Into Oblivion" is followed by boogie, it just undoes the good work in the first half.

Biggest problem of all is the vocalist. On the first two tracks the vocals are fine, by track three he's struggling to hit the high notes and last track "Cowboys of the Apocalypse", which is a decent if flabby track, is completely ruined by high pitch falsetto screeching that's barely in tune. What were you thinking? It's absolute agony to listen to.

As I mentioned earlier, I didn't like this very much but there's a spark of potential here and with the aforementioned editing these songs could each be shined up very nicely into 3 minutes of bludgeon. However, they definitely need to either a) rewrite the high parts of songs so that their vocalist can hit the notes b) get a new vocalist altogether or c) write songs that the vocalist CAN sing.

by Phil T.

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