Powell Morgan & 65 Roses

MMMM what on earth can I say about Powell Morgan And 65 Roses… Erm well quite a bit I suppose! These Manchester boys can play music, in the real sense of the word…

The haunting intro is eastern sounding, the welcoming Indian tublas immediately captivate. Then follows the floating guitar harmonies and dreamy vocals - BE WARNED, CAN INDUCE A MEDITATIVE LIKE STATE! Being a huge Layne Stayley and Mike Patton fan, I can't help but draw vocal comparisons and I can hear so many different influences, but refuse to name any more as drawing similarities in this case would be unfair. It's nice to hear strong rock that harmonises with world music. The tiny details can easily wash over your restful head, so repeated listenings are a must! It's bold enough to please the guys but also delicate and wistful enough for your ladyfriends. Definitely music that I feel I can share with someone close.

The tracks, for once, favourably defy separation. I love track 2 - the multi delayed effects, repetitive chorus and beautifully constructed vocal harmonies are self indulgent. These guys can fucking croon! I'd be very surprised if they weren't spiritually influenced. It reminds me of hazy stoned experiences, transcendental dispositions, the ardour of Lord Vishnu…. and green tea hehe!!

The CD has refused to leave my player for the past few days (I keep taking it out but it seems to reappear in there mysteriously…). These dudes are fearless of attempting a different sound without sounding pretentious. For me it's a subtle, swift and elegant middle finger to the clone driven music charade that poisons us currently. We're sick of soulless contrived poo poo! This is daringly different, imaginatively thoughtful, darkly sensual… we want more of this! Bloody marvellous!

by Maunderelle

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