The Posies - Every Kind of Light

'Every Kind Of Light' the new album from 'The Posies' has a great mellow sound with heavier rock moments. I could go on and on about each great track on this phenomenal CD but you would get so bored, I may never write again. So I shall be even more picky than I usually am, and try not to waffle too much about how it is a long, lazy summers afternoon crammed into a CD case.

The beautifully harmonized vocals alone would be enough for 'All In A Day's Work' to deserve a mention. Fantastic musical arrangement is a bonus to this well written and magnificently laid out piece of music. The gorgeously tranquil configuration of 'Anything and Everything' is just heavenly. Incredible soothing vocals and amazing harmonies made it difficult to just forget the review and keep playing it over and over to my heart's content.

I have to confess to initially loathing 'Second Time Around' not for the quality of the instrumentation, which is great, or for the lyrics and vocals, which are brilliantly executed. It annoyed me intensely because I was so chilled from 'Anything And Everything'', I didn't want such an upbeat bouncy track, and objected to actually really enjoying it when I got over being mentally woken up again.

The wonderful bundle of bouncy Rockiness that is 'I Finally Found A Jungle I like!!!' stands as a fabulous example of good, clean, happy, feel great rock n' roll. Fine music and fab vocals ensure it is well worth a listen.

Chilled easy to listen to Rock n Roll at it's best. Whether driving on the wide-open road with the top down or relaxing with a glass or two on the sofa after a hard day at work, this is the CD for you.

by Talia Kane

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