Pornovurt - 9 Track Demo

A 5-piece rock band from the London area, Pornovurt showcase excellent crunch guitar work and synth electronics with some melodic rock which at times trippy, reminds me a bit of early Siagon Kick, Jane's Addiction, and a drop of Bauhaus.

The CD starts off with a great instrumental called "Return of the Trash", which guitarist Robin gets to show his guitar work that makes him shine bright. The song "On A Train" gives a great chorus with a hint of U2. "A Thousand Fits" with it's addictive vocal harmonies, happens to be one of my favorites. One song that surprised me was "Hermit (Piano Version)", a track that changes the whole feel, not a bad thing, because it's a nice change and a great song to do so. Other notable tracks are "Cold", "Vodkaville", and the Bauhaus-vibed "One Of My Mornings."

Pornovurt are an amazing band and it's not hard to believe why they would have such a build up of respectable fans. I know the band has won me over and my hat goes off to them for opening my ears to some great music.

10 stars.

by Marcus Calzada

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