Poison - Power To the People

So here I am reviewing an album with POISON. A band that I respect and whose music, image and attitude I often defend. POISON to me though is "Look What the Cat Dragged in", "Open Up and Say Ahhh" and on rare occasions "Flesh & Blood". This band haven’t done anything interesting in the last ten years. On the contrary they have released one weak album, one laughable livealbum and one pointless compilation. Bret’s recorded an uninspired soloalbum and…. the list goes on. The Only product worth a listen is "Crack and Smile" which, ironically, wasn’t released! How fans still manage to be interested in this band is a mystery to me. What does it take for a band such as POISON or KISS to lose their loyal fans? Isn’t ten years of low quality enough?

"Power to the People" is another fine example of POISON*s pointless production. It contains ten livetracks from 99 and five new songs. All recorded with the original line-up which brings some excitement to this release. Let’s begin with the livesection. Is POISON a great liveband? I suppose there are two answers to that question. POISON is fun to watch live, or at least they were in their younger days, but they are NOT fun to listen to! A POISON concert is like a party and when you’re in the audience it doesn’t really matter that it sounds like shit. It’s fun anyway! BUT, and that is a big but(t), when you are at home, sitting in your room, it does matter that POISON are mediocre musicians. The Ten livetracks are thirty minutes of noise, sometimes reminiscent of POISON’s songs. At least it’s better than "Swallow this live".

The five studiotracks are good – not great but good. "Can’t bring me down" is similar to the sound on "Crack a Smile". "The Last Song" is a bad excuse for a power ballad. "Strange" is a mid-tempo affair which could use a better refrain. "I Hate every bone in your body except mine" features CC Deville on vocals! He actually turns out to be a better vocalist than Bret Michaels eventhough the autotuner sounds a bit strange. This is the most vital POISON song I’ve heard in quite awhile.

I didn’t need another livealbum with five studiotracks from POISON. I want a new full-length studioalbum with an enthusiastic original line-up and a competent producer. I hope my wish will come true… this decade.