Poison - Poison'd

The guys are back big time with a covers opus that's gonna put 'em on the map again big time. Unlike "Hollyweird" the timing is all so right, the guys have the major retro revival thang going on at the moment; like Crue, everyone's into them again. By association, they should be the 2nd biggest band out there of their ilk, saleswise people only buy compilations and well... this covers.

Weirdly, I'm not that familiar with some of the songs, although I know the artists. There are some odd choices, but for European fans (and me) it will be like hearing new material. "Little Willy" not the Sweets best song, but a huge hit in the U.S., being a huge Sweet fan I love it and Poison should be more than qualified than anyone to do this. Others have tried more adventurous Sweet songs and failed. This really works though and could be a massive hit. They should wear the "Wig Wam Bam" outfits and make it a right old retro knees up.. haha! After all, it was Brian Connolly ripping off his shirt at a gig in the seventies that made Bret wanna become a rockstar.

"What I Like About You " a Romantics cover, is great power pop of the highest spectacle, Bret doin Mick Jagger and Bowie, has he been watchin' Stellar St? "Dead Flowers" and "Suffragette City" are so far away from the classic Poison sound as is The Cars but it works very well". Kiss' "Rock n Roll", "Mama Don't Dance" and "We're an American Band" are oh so Bret 'can I sing the theme tune' Micheal's bag. He's in his total element and will only add to his celebrity-ism big time.

There's a new bandwagon to jump on, and I'm on it, it's like 1984 all over again. Might have to dust off the Beverly Hills taxi cap, can you tell I like em? Haha!

by Kelv Hellrazer

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