Poisin Jett Guns - Demo

I was excited when this 5 song demo and bio showed up on my doorstep. With a name like Poisin Jett Guns, complete with umlauts (the dots that Motley Crue made famous), and intentional misspellings, it's gotta be glam, and it's gotta be cool, right? Umm.....wrong. I have to admit I was disappointed. The 3-piece from San Francisco comprises of duel vocalists, Atom 'the snake' Keener and Kimba (also guitarist and bassist), respectively, along with drummer Kevin Sanders.

Their photo reminds me of Spinal Tap, and in the bio they mention that their shows are both as "visually interesting and fun for both the band and the audience", but unfortunately this is not the case with the demo. Nothing really stood out for me whilst listening to the first 4 songs. 4 straight ahead songs, each sounding alot like the last, despite the 2 different vocalists. 'Superfast Ride' sounded a little better at the beginning, but soon wandered into that familiar territory. As I was getting ready to dismiss this band all together 'She's Just the Bomb' began and showed a glimmer of hope. They slowed the tempo down a bit and it worked well. The song was too short but it did show some promise.

The demo overall sounded a bit dated to me. Musically they were fine, but the songs could use some work. I could hear touches of the flamboyant punks of yesteryear such as Wayne County, and with their apparent theatrical stage show, maybe these guys are just meant to be a live band first, studio band second.

by Dan Earley

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