The Pocket Rockets - Rocket Ride

I honestly don't think I'll ever be forgiven for what I said to these guys when they first hit the scene. I do, however believe the band took on board what was being said and saw it as constructive criticism rather than obstructive, and I'll give them their due, they did do the best thing they could EVER have done… they got themselves a new vocalist! Amen to Alex! You've got my vote mate! So yeah, you're hearing right, I like what I'm hearing.

Don't expect to hear the same music styling as that of their first two EP's; you may be a little disappointed if you do, and don't expect the band to have funked up and headed directly into the 'wham bam thank you ma'am' glam scene, because they haven't.

So what CAN you expect from The Pocket Rockets and Rocket Ride? You can expect to hear a band that has matured musically and inspirationally in all aspects. You can also expect to hear a band who have found their little niche and are moulding it to their own taste, it suits what they're about and I would stress for them to continue in this direction. The only downside I found (IMO) is their choice of cover songs. They do, do a blinding version of Spiders & Snakes 'Nobody Loves You Like I Do', alas the Wrathchild and Star Star would be more suited to the bands new sound if they made the songs 'theirs' rather than trying to imitate the original.

If you like your rock music classic orientated, then I would highly recommend grabbing yourself a copy of this CD.

by Spice D. Warlock

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