Plasma Blast - S/T

This is the (at long last) follow-up to the all accoustic "SuicideSessions" cassette. After the 10 millionth change in the bass playerdepartment, Plasma Blast shows their true colours as a trashy, hard rockingband who wears it's glammy, punky so high up on their sleeve that you couldeasily mistake it for a chip on their collective shoulders. The materialon disc is pretty cool but the very digital sounding production kind oftakes away from the overall effect. Still, "Kola" is a pretty fuckingstrong statement of purpose - you really wouldn't recognize them if youonly know them from the above mentionned cassette only release. I can'trate this too highly, though, since the overall production sounds kind of flat. What a shame...

On the bright side, word is that they're about to record the full length album very soon at Signal 2 Noise, a studio known for being able to translate this style to tape. Once this happens, I'll be first in line to get my hands on a copy.

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By Adolf Chri$t