Plasma Blast - Suicide Sessions

I normally wouldn't review this - after all, it's a demo for an unknown band that isn't really all that representative of them. The thing is, it's pretty cool. Plasma Blast consists of Vocalist Marcus Ireland (ex-Sassy Scarlet and God knows who else), Guitarist Steve Scarlet (known for his work with The Sinisters), Drummer Tom Dorion (who sings for Tylenol 5), and Bass Player Pascal King.

"Suicide Sessions" is a cassette-only accoustic release that opens with a cover of Johnny Thunders' "Sad Vacation", which is pretty good, if a little "boppy", but it's usually in good form to open with the best song on the tape and, in this case, it's "Double Murder Suicide" which bears a striking resemblance to "House of Pain", by Faster Pussycat in most respects except for the vocals. "Tell Me", "Desperation" and "Wish For Rockets" follow the same trend of laid back, mellow and mournful performance. Marcus' vocals (on this) remind me of a cross between a young (and still breathing) Johnny Thunders crossed with Steve Summers from Pretty Boy Floyd. The real stand-out here is the guitar work and backing vocals of Steve Scarlet - after hearing The Sinisters, you wouldn't expect such a subtle, understated performance. The other members do not appear on this release, but just about everyone else in the western hemisphere does, including Slim Chance and Niel Layton.

All in all, this is pretty cool if you've just smoked something illegal and are feeling too mellow for loud guitar, but don't want to listen to "Dark Side of the Moon" for the eight-TRILLIONTH time.

By Adolf Chri$t

Contact: Plasma Blast: 688 Yonge St. #147 Toronto, Ontario Canada M4Y 2A6