Plank - 6 Track EP

Plank is a hard rock band with a modern rock sound not far off from bands such as Theory Of A Deadman or Breaking Benjamin. This new EP shows a band with a good sound that fits in extremely well with today's music market. I have said before how certain bands sounded like they should be played on today's radio stations, but Plank truly stood out in my mind because they have that sound that is popular today. While they may not be the most unique in their sound, they have all the hooks necessary to succeed in today's market.

From the opening song "She's My Pusher," any fan of modern hard rock will wonder why they haven't heard of this band sooner. "So Wicked" and "Wasted" give you those rock anthems that you would expect and show what the band is capable of.

This band shows a lot of potential and has every chance to become something bigger. Maybe one day they will get some airplay, where they deserve to be, and will reach a much larger audience. If you are a fan of modern hard rock music, picking up this EP will not be a disappointment.


by Patrick White

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