Plan 9 - Dead Inside

German label - We Bite - have decided to release this 7 track CD eventhough the material on it are a bit old. I reviewed the original demotape over a year ago and Plan 9 has, according to guitarist Turbo 2000, developed in a different direction since then.

"Dead Inside" consists of 5 own compositions and two cover songs. Plan 9 always choose classy coversongs (check out their bootleg tape - a tribute to the glambands of the 80's) but it's their own songs that impress me. "Rockaholic" is a punkrock injection and a perfect opener. "Superpsycholove" is a bit slower and has almost voodoo-chile-kind of guitars. "Rock n Roll Alcohol" is the hit and makes me overdose on booze. It was included on Amp Records "Back to Rockaway Show" and totally stole the show.

I'm sure they have heard it before but Plan 9 sounds a lot like Backyard Babies and Hellacopters. When I'm drunk I don't find "Dead Inside" a bit weaker than "Total 13" if that is any compliment (it is in my ears). Plan 9 is the punkiest and most potential prospect in Sweden. A great concept and strong songs. Uninitiated should get their hands on "Dead Inside".

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