Pitchblend - Celsius

Following on from their 2008 debut CD 'The Lines of UnReason' is the new 3-track single from Reading (UK) noise-botherers Pitchbend. The best rock band to come out of Reading in recent years, in my humble opinion, is No Connection, but moving on...

Pitchbend's press releases normally cite contemporaries such as My Vitriol, A Perfect Circle and Sigor Ros. Opener 'Celsius' feet, though, are firmly planted in the green laser apocalypse of Muse-land. Every guitar strum, every vocal, every energy is expended like it's the last day on earth, and all those tedious years of building up one's Tesco points have been for nothing. There's nothing to criticise 'Celsius' for except maybe the production. It's a bit wishy-washy. And the twiddly-twiddly high-speed guitaring is perhaps a little too plagiarised from Bellamy and co. for its own good.

The other two tracks - 'December Song' and 'Celsius' (again) - are labeled '(Live Session)'. If performed/recorded live in the studio then its engineers need applauding.
Celsius is released August 2009.

by Daz E.

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