Pitchblend - The Lines of Unreason

Reading quartet "Pitchblend's" debut 13 tracker "The Lines of Unreason" originally made its way to "Glitzine" way back in February 2008. Delays aside, I for one am really glad I finally got to hear this as it is one of the brightest sounding alt rock albums I've heard in 2008.

Led by the vocal gymnast "Rich Savage" the bands Deftones-esque musical soundscape is given a much wider platform of appeal due to his ability to spin a mighty fine melody or two. Think what "Paul Draper" used to add to "Mansun's" self-indulgent "Six" prog era or what "Matt Jones" added to the hugely underrated glam prog tornado that was "Minuteman" and you wouldn't be too far away.

"Andy Lambert" and "Mark Peacock" conjure up the rest of "Pitchblend's" rich tapestry of a sound on drums and bass respectively, whilst "Alex Wilson" on guitar provides the dynamic rifferama that drives the musical juggernaut behind tracks like "Celsius" and "Balance Restored".

On first listen "The Lines of Unreason" is not what you would call an immediate hit, but with repeated listens the songs worm there way into your brain, like some demented creature from a "David Cronenberg" flick and by sticking with this album it is then where you really get the best from it.

To simply pigeonhole "Pitchblend" would be to do them a huge disservice as they are, if nothing else quite unique in what they are doing on the UK rock scene, but the influences on show here would make them a must hear for any fans of say "Placebo", "My Vitriol" or "The Mission".

"The Lines of Unreason" certainly isn't going to be on the wish list for someone who thinks "Chicks = Trouble" is groundbreaking stuff, but for those Glitziners with more eclectic tastes this is a hugely rewarding listen.

Think epic, think passionate, and think audacious, then think "Pitchblend".

4 out of 5

by Johnny H

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