Peter Blast - Pure Organic Junk

Having checked over the media info included with this release before throwing on the disc, I was expecting to hear something in the vein of classic Rolling Stones or the drunken blues of The Dogtown Balladeers, and while I wasn't that far off in the music department what really took me was Peter's uncanny vocal resemblance to a young Alice Cooper. And that is a good thing.

'Pure Organic Junk' begins its strut with 'Orange Sunshine', a mid tempo rocker that while not reaching out and grabbing you by the neck it does offer you a drink and a reason to stick around for more. 'See No Evil', 'On a Derailed Train' and 'As Sharp as a Knife', rock with the best of them while 'Place the Blame On Me' and 'Crossroads Hotel' display a touch of country influence. The highlights of this CD are 'On An Angels Wing', one of the better ballads I've heard in a while and 'Heaven Only Knows', a great slice of pop rock that has hit written all over it.

The two bonus tracks included, 'Good Girl Gone Bad' and a live cover of 'Pills', show the promise of Peter Blast. While 'Pure Organic Junk' at times bogs down on itself, these two tracks are full of energy.

'Pure Organic Junk' is an anthology of Peter's previous projects and on that level it works. For those who might want to check out 'Junebug' or Peter's various solo releases, this is a solid place to start, some high points and some fillers but overall a good time for those who appreciate stripped down rock n' roll.

Peter Blast is a true rock n' roll survivor and 'Pure Organic Junk' proves it!

by Mister E.

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