Peppermint Creeps - We Are the Weirdoz

Putting it simply, The Peppermint Creeps polarize the glam community like few other bands. It's either 'love' or 'hate'… there is rarely any mid ground when discussing this cybertronic glam-punk foursome. Personally, I'm in the 'love' camp. Ever since their debut EP I've been a keen follower of these "Heart Throb Mob cross-bred-with Blink182" beings who look like they have crash landed in a make-up store before coming to rest in a mardi-gras costume boutique.

The bands 3rd disc 'We Are The Weirdoz' has received constant rotation in my CD player since it was released in 2005. The commentary in the first 30 seconds of the album leaves the listener in no doubt that the Creeps are going to pick up right where they left off with 'Animatron X'. In fact, the first three tracks seem to form a mini autobiographical story about the Creeps - we're here, we're weird, we're proud… and we don't care what you think! The middle chapter of this story 'Let Your Voice Be Heard' is an absolute cracker. It's one of the most up-lifting, fist thumping tracks to ever resonate in these eardrums, parting with a message of passionate self-belief to its listeners.

The middle section of the album blends the old with the new. '15 Minutes of Fame' (a re-hash of an old Sick Six Crush track) is closely followed by two tracks which see the Creeps expanding their horizons and dabbling in a slightly different sound. The dark, even macabre, 'Planetary Control' & 'Broken Dollz' aren't the usual sort of tracks you'd expect from the guys, and in my opinion seem to break the flow of the party punk-pop tracks preceding and succeeding them. Not bad tracks in isolation, but for me they don't seem to sit right on this album.

Every album has a "grower"… you know, the track that you don't like at first but eventually grow to love. For this album it's definitely the comical 'Girl Goez Boom'. What was once a bit of an 'hmm… well' track is now a favourite and one of the albums highlights. Follow this up with killer ballad 'Life' and the strength and depth of the album becomes even more evident. If you'd told me that the Creeps could write such a track I'd never have believed you, but this track of solace and support is a gem that I'm guessing has helped more people than just myself through some tough times.

Finishing off in party mode, the guys poke fun at those who accuse them of ripping off the Japanese inspired visual kei image with a cover of 'Turning Japanese', before ripping into 'Never', a fast paced in-your-face glam-punk anthem leaving the listener exhausted by the end of the disc.

While musically this album is a winner, the packaging and disc quality was somewhat disappointing. For a band of the caliber and sales potential of the Peppermint Creeps, I was bemused as to why they are still releasing their album on CDR with 2nd rate printed artwork. Surely for around $15, a factory pressed silver disc with professionally printed insert is not asking for too much, is it?

Packaging aside, the content of the album is what makes it worth the purchase. Glam-punk is a widely used music term these days, but few can deliver it with the energy and consistency of the Peppermint Creeps. If you've liked what the Creeps have dished up in the past then there is no reason why 'We Are The Weirdoz' won't do the same for you this time around.

by Lindsay B.

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