Penny Lane - Midnight Tales From the Funhouse: Part 1

Penny Lane has released a brand new limited edition CD entitled 'Midnight Tales From The Funhouse: Part 1' starring Steve Summers of Pretty Boy Floyd and Alice Cooper's Keri Kelli.
Kelli produced the disc in addition to helping with guitar duties. Midnight Tales however really is a band effort, with every one of the 12 songs being written by various members of the group.
One possible drawback is that most of the songs on offer have a school theme, ala classic Pretty Boy Floyd, yet these guys are well beyond their school days!

What we do have here though, is a classic glam album, with a great glam feel. This album stands up alongside almost any glam release from the 80's. "California Man", "Waiting For You" and "Blood From A Stone" are exceptionally strong tracks. I especially like "Blood From A Stone" - the chorus and main riff are just simply brilliant.

If you like Pretty Boy Floyd, you'll like the new Penny Lane effort. There are a lot of crossover similarities here. Yes, part of that is because of Steve Summers, but also many of the song lyrics and themes are similar. Basically, this is just a fun Glam record.

Check out the band via their myspace page here and then check out the album!

Rating 8/10

by Barry Gennard

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