Peep Show - Out For Blood

Finally, the debut album from Scotish sleazsters 'Peep Show' is here in the form of 'Out For Blood'.

As soon as you look at the CD cover you know exactly what your gonna get with Peep Show, a great big healthy dose of cock/sleaze rock just like back in the day with bands like L.A.Guns, Faster Pussycat and Wrathchild.

What we get here is 10 tracks of raw, powerful, jaw dropping, pounding tunes!

Stand out tracks (if any cuz they're all bloody amazing!) include, 'The Stand', title track 'Out For Blood', 'Take the Fall', and 'Cat Boy'!

Track after track you get no ballads, this is straightforward sleaze at its finest and one great debut from Peep Show. You've gotta add this to your collection!

I love this album, let the revolution begin, all hail PEEP SHOW!!

Rating 10/10

P.S. There is just 1000 copies of this CD, but you can buy the tracks individually as well, both are available from the bands myspace page.

by Barry Gennard

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