Peep Show - 5 Track Demo

Livingstone 5-piece, Peep Show are defiantly self-dated. They own zebra-patterned pants and aren't afraid to use them. The accompanying press release to this pro-produced 5 track demo wallows in the fact that, as far as Peep Show are concerned, the musical and fashionista clocks stopped in 1985.

Zinny Zan-approved haircuts, mirrored shades, cop hats, grainy B/W photo shoots snapped in grimy-looking UK backstreets etc - you know the score.

Musically they're all right really. After a 40-odd second intro, opener 'Feed the Beast' sounds 'Tigertailz' ('Wazbones' era), as the title suggests. The song's closing two minutes though, is a load of bollox (which, will I suspect, be hastily skipped by everyone who listens to it).

The rest of it - 'Cat Boy', 'Peep Show', 'Sex Gun' and 'The Stand' - is fantastic homogenous metal/glam rock: the vocals wail, the guitars scream, it all sounds 20 years too late, but with Towers of London now virally spread all over MTV with their own TV show, maybe Peep Show are on the verge of something?

by Deviant D.

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