Pretty Boy Floyd - Porn Stars

After ten years Pretty Boy Floyd finally release their second full-length album - "Porn Stars". The Pretty Boys were my undisputed heroes throughout my teens, so how come I'm not excited? Well, since the promising reunion a couple of years ago, Pretty Boy Floyd's line-up has been a swinging door. Keri Kelli (Big Bang Babies, Ratt) who handled the guitars and wrote four out of five songs on PBF's last album - "A Tale of Sex, Drugs and The Death Of Rock n' Roll" - is no longer in the band (eventhough he is playing on "Porn Stars". Bassist Keff recently left as well. The Additions of original guitarist Kristy "Krash" Majors and bassist Lesli (formerly Queeny Blast Pop) heal some of the wounds even though the latter replacement is just a temporary one.

More important than the line-up losses though, is the fact that "Porn Stars" does NOT contain a single new song for true PBF fans. I've heard all the songs thousands of times... The Album opens with "Good Girl Gone Bad" which also appeared at "A Tale of Sex...", without doubt one of PBF's all-time weaker songs. The Six re-recordings of material from "Leather Boyz..." is musically good but pointless. Everyone interested has heard those songs and if not... they are all better in the original versions. Steve Summers sings much better on "Porn Stars" than on the EP but the magic of these classic glamanthems is not easy to top or recreate. I could buy one or two re-recordings but six?

The Album also features previously unreleased songs "Shy Diane", "Restless" and "Summer Love". Three personal favorites of mine. The first two mentioned are maybe PBF's strongest songs eventhough the 88-89 demoversions is much better. "Summer Love" is a sweet ballad. It was about time these songs were released!

"Porn Stars" also contain glamrocking "Saturday Night" which appeared on Delinquent Records' glamcompilation a couple of years ago. PBF also do covers of KISS' "Shout it out loud" and Cooper's "Department of Youth". The Latter was recorded back in 1989 for a soundtrack but was, as far as I know, never released. Both are major songs though.

IF "Porn Stars" was the first I heard from PBF, I would give it a nine but since it contains almost nothing new, I settle for seven. PBF's disability in producing own new songs might catch up with them one day. The three "new" songs on "Porn Stars" are almost ten years old and written by former guitarist Aeriel Stiles. All in all, "Porn Stars" is worth buying but I would appreciated some more exciting material from the Leather Boyz.


Impressive - a new release from everyone's favorite revolving door and it only took something like two years this time! Man, more guys have been in this band than Traci Lords, so the title "Porn Stars" is a pretty cool joke, isn't it? Prime example, this release features guitar work from Keri Kelli who's already joined RATT.

When you first buy this CD (and you should) you'll feel ripped off. You've heard most of these songs before and there's one KISS cover and an Alice Cooper cover. But then you'll hear that Steve Summers' voice hasn't sounded this good since Leather Boyz With Electric Toyz. (He even thanks his vocal coach and, after "...A Tale of Sex, Designer Drugs and the Death of Rock & Roll", so do I.

The other good part about this is that everything seems re-performed. It has more balls, but some of the LBWET material has lost some of it's original sparkle. And the cover of "Shout It Out Loud" sounds kind of spineless. In other words, buy this for the novelty and the new tracks.

It's not the instant classic that "Leather Boyz With Electric Toyz" was, but it's pretty cool.

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First Review written by Andreas Persson
Second Review written by Adolf Chri$t