Paul Bernstein and His Wide Stance - 5 Track EP

You gotta love that punk/garage sound!

The biography that came with this EP is odd as it doesn't really describe the delights that are held within. Despite giving nods to AC/DC, Roxy Music and the Village People in the biog, this fun EP comes across as a CD put out by the bastard children of Electric Six and The Tubes with a passing nod to the New York Dolls.

The sound is definitely old garage punk with the emphasis on fun with crazy lyrics. This is the sort of EP that you just blast out loud at a party and people would bop along to no matter what.

Stand out tracks:
'George Michael' - Crazy homage to George Michael praising him for being out and proud.
'Action/Reaction' - Juddering rhythm.
'Mens Room' - Just for the sheer hilarity of the lyrics.

by K.T. Glitz

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