Patchwork Grace - Zebra (Single)

Lets see what Nottingham's dolls of glitz and glam are offering here then! Tum te tum… well the 'Zebra' clip clops into town with its bouncy drum intro followed by an anthemic chorus which is poisonously catchy… I feel that it's somewhat tattooed itself on my brain! (Hmmm but why on earth don't they want to be zebras! I think it would be rather cool…)

Track 2: 'Lovely' is more upbeat and instantly grabs me by the short and curlies. Mmm we do like our drums to be loud in the mix!! Aah the screeching hurts… thankfully!! Edgey, incisive and heavier on the ear drums overall. Nice to hear English music sang in an english accent for a brave change!

Tori's jagged voice contrasts to the orderliness of the music. Sounds like this intrepid front lady certainly is a focal point for their live show. Her dishevelment is very cute indeed. A girl with big bollocks is always appreciated hehe!

Overall it has a coarseness and coyness that is quaint and at times reminiscent of the glam trash lovelies of the 80s. It's hard not to find affection for this jolly lot… although I do like my sleaze to be downright disgusting…

But the word out is that their live operations are certainly worth scribbling in ones diaries. So all you zebras keep your dancing shoes at the ready!

by Maunderelle

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