Papa Roach - Metamorphosis

I was dreading reviewing this CD. I loved "Infest" but always felt they failed to deliver better material after, so I was worried what might be on offer here. Thankfully I was not disappointed although this isn't a classic album by any means but is certainly better than some of the other releases after "Infest".

Papa Roach return to the studio with a bang with the very heavy intro "Days Of War". "Change Or Die" has a very punky attitude to it with a punk sing-a-long chorus. The title of the CD, "Metamorphosis", is quite apt as Papa Roach mix up a blend of styles from traditional Papa Roach style songs to more mainstream punk and metal. It's all good but does make the CD feel a little disjointed.

Papa Roach fans should love this CD but the mix of styles might not make it immediately accessible for newcomers.

Standout tracks:
"Change Or Die" - angsty punk
"Hollywood Whore" - classic Papa Roach
"Live This Down"
"State Of Emergency"

by K.T. Glitz

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