Panzer Princess - Oh No, It's Panzer Princess

Yes... they're glam... they're sleaze... and they're from Sweden, but these guys have sure travelled a different route to arrive at this all-too-common description. With a virtual tidal wave of Swedish sleaze flooding the scene, Panzer Princess are one of few that could be described as truly unique in the current climate. I can imagine that if we piled Jetboy, Hanoi Rocks, DAD and the Peppermint Creeps in the back of a horse-drawn cart and drove them through the deep south of the US, whilst providing them with cowboy hats and copious amounts of sour mash, by the end of the trip we'd end up with something sounding sorta like Panzer Princess.

Following a couple of EPs and a few years of touring Panzer Princess have finally released their debut album 'Oh No, It's Panzer Princess'. What else can I say but that it pushes the boundaries of what we all expect from the run-of-the-mill glam-punk machine. From the opening track 'Ass Hole, Bastard (Son of a Bitch)' it's obvious these guys are a little different... different in a refreshing, exciting way. It makes for great listening with tracks like 'Sadat Bloody Sadat' and 'Rob the Bank' scouting every corner of the music spectrum from harmonica driven southern rock through to vintage New York punk, whilst at all times dragging glitter-glam in their wake.

The highlight of the disc (in my opinion) is the brilliant 'Gag Me, Cuff Me', which has the polish to see it rise just above the other tracks on the disc. The overall production gives the whole CD an almost rustic feel, which whether intended or not, sure suits the style and sound perfectly. Running at only 7-and-a-bit tracks, it's no marathon effort, but the candy-coated southern glam rock doesn't really call for a 78-minute epic musical journey. Short and sweet does just fine.

Panzer Princess strike me as the black jelly bean in a bag of pink marshmallows... just one look (or listen) and you'll see there's a difference... it's obvious. BUT don't let this difference scare you off because just one taste of this sugar fix just may hook you too.

by Lindsay Buloch

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