Pale Imitations - More of the Same EP

Longtime Boston Rocker Ron Raymond had collaborated with Bowie sideman, Reeves Gabrels, and the King Of Sleazy Music Journalists, Thee Sleazegrinder, before relocating to NYC to explore brave new hybrid genres, dabbling in Power-Trash, Gutter-Glam, Junk-Psychedelia, Heartfelt Bluegrass, French Pop, Dub, Avant-Jazz, and techno-terrorism. His primary rock 'n' roll outfit 'Pale Imitations' was formed with notorious fanzine publisher/outlaw singer Dimitri Monroe in the early 90's. Like a lowlife version of 'London', the old L.A. training school for future rockstars, dozens of underground luminaries passed through the revolving-door ranks of Pale Imitations over the years, including Arthur Lee from Love's Godson, the sax-player from Brian Setzer's pre-Stray Cats/Staten Island band, and the chick who owned that bar Luna, where Elliot Smith wrote all his most treasured suicide ballads. 'Pale Imitations' have been compared to Cheap Trick, Alice Cooper, Electric Frankenstein, the Kevin K. Band, The Dragons, Lazy Cowgirls, Marvelous 3, and perhaps most memorably, "A shitfuck-sloppy MC5".

The current 'Pale Imitations' incarnation co-stars various members of 'Mad Juana' (Danny Reyy) and 'the Dictators' (J.P. "Thunderbolt" Patterson). On their current E.P. they cover an old Boston pub-favorite, by late-80's shock-rockers, 'Swindle', as well as a number of catchy blues-punk, and glammy power-pop tunes, often co-authored with people like the abovementioned Monroe (Saviors), Dave Weir (Dimestore Haloes), and Nasty Bastard (Original Suffering Bastards). This particular E.P. was produced by rock legend Andy Shernoff, highlights include the Ramones-ish, "Darkstar", and "Like Every Summer Does", which is kind of reminiscent of early Generation X, or Hanoi Rocks. I think they're looking to farm some of these songs out to films.

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by Dicky Bottomfeeder

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