Overloaded - Regeneration

Stomping out of Detroit Rock City, 'Overloaded' unashamedly fly the flag for classic metal. They are self-appointed torch carriers for a style of music that they believe should rise phoenix-like from the ashes of the underground, where it has been forced to fight for its food while a succession of trend setters and bandwagon jumpers have been suckling on the soft white underbelly of the average music buyer's dollar.

"Regeneration" comes in a great big ballsy move, packaged with a DVD showcasing the band's live show and is interspliced with interview footage. Whilst all this makes for a very impressive package; the band's acceptance will hinge solely on one factor; the voice of singer Chris Gillen. The music on offer here could happily take on all comers in any hard rocker's CD collection, but Gillen's old school metal voice will alienate some for sure. Part Sebastian Bach, part Blackie Lawless, part Lizzy Borden, Gillen is in possession of an amazing set of pipes that will be hated by some, whilst knocking other's dicks in the dirt! This kind of voice got cowboy booted into the background by the tousled tempests of hair metal - to be loved only by the ugly kids - and then got buried deep underground by the global acceptance of a cardigan wearing motherfucker with a penchant for dirty drugs, shotguns and marrying groupies. But, we all know that the underground is the coolest place to be, don't we? Gillen appears to have the weapons in his arsenal to become a real star of this genre. He looks great and (apart from the dodgy 'comfortable' footwear in the promo photo!) I'm sure he must have 'Metal God' tattooed Damien-style somewhere on his scalp. I'm guessing that 'live', he splits the audience right down the middle; half pumping their fists in the air, the other half wearing their best 'please-don't-murder-me' smiles.

Ass-kickin' opener 'What's In There', 'Feeling Overloaded' and album closer 'Try This On For Size' are songs that I'd recommend Glitzine readers check out, although honestly, I feel that Overloaded will be simply too metal for some. All three songs are on the band's My Space page, so you really have no excuse.....

My black heart awards this album 6.66 out of 10 and, although it probably deserves more, that just wouldn't look as cool, would it?!?

by Gaz E.

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