Overloaded - S/T

HELL YES!!! Finally I get to review some thrusting cockrock metal! Thank you Spice…. mwaaaah x!! Detroit five-piece 'Overloaded' are guitar wielding warriors that certainly fit the genre persona and shamelessly generate the sound that the record labels hate and the gig goers love.

Track 1, 'Hellfire' doesn't waste any fuckin time! Its supercharged riff is followed by a familiar high pitched scream that Sebastian Bach would be envious of. Hey any song that's chorus contains the words 'You will Die!!!' has surely gotta be great even if it's shit? And so I'm waiting patiently for the guitar solo…. Hmmm firstly some maniacal laughing… and ….aaah yes there it is! Tap that guitar till it cries! I know this genre of music so well that I feel stuff like this is written exclusively for me. Everyone else could rip the piss out of me for loving it but everyone else can fuck off!

The self titled album comes intact with silly song names. With titles like 'Shotgun City' and 'Beaver Fever' how can you make any grievances?! Big smelly hair, beer drenched sweat and inky skin infuse, the album through and through. I expect there to be a slow number on here somewhere. And ….yes there is!

Track 7 'King of the Landfill' is most satisfying. He's the big boy on the album. A bubbling volcano of thrashing and dashing ecstatic racket. The riffs on the axe could slice your bum off. Other tracks are equally apt, 'Heavy Metal Highway' has the cheekiness to use a motorbike engine sample to kickstart the song! It won't be winning any prizes for originality, but as Manowar decree, "If you're not into metal, you are not my friend!!', If you don't dig this genre then you've got no business being here.

One could say I'm a cockrock geek. This stuff is always gonna be well received by me. No matter how ridiculous this brand of rock mayhem seems to get, it always seems to accomplish excellence. Vocally powerful, tight arse rhythm section and anarchic choruses. An accomplished piece of work! This will occupy a very comfy place in my CD rack next to Manowar, WASP, Skid Row and Conquest of Steel.

So if any band's got the balls and impudence to be a proper full on metal outfit, then crack right on. Put on them studded gloves, don on that leather waistcoat, jump on that Harley and ride to the battlefield!

by Kiran the Killer

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